Scelo Kunene Agricare


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REDEFINING HOW SK Agricare does business

Although SK Agricare (SKA) has always approached social and economic development by working with multi-disciplinary teams, until now, we are currently strengthening our organisation development by reintroduction of experts and specialists in our sustainable development programmes. This revised and improved inclusion is aimed at ensuring that we remain current and relevant without missing the direction the whole world is engaging in, in order to attain the Sustainable Development Goals  that the world committed to achieving from 2015 - 2030. Our main efforts are towards contributing towards SDG goal number two - ZERO HUNGER. As we are about promotion of nutrition sensitive agriculture,  by promoting sustainable agricultural practices and supporting small scale farmers by securing market outlets for their produce and this way, we believe we can contribute to ending hunger by 2030. 

Our mission is to advance capacity development programmes that enable rural communities to improve productivity and participate in sustaining the local economy and be knowledgeable in managing natural resources by working with nature  in the presence of climate change challenges.

Our organisation seeks to promote and sustain nutrition sensitive farming and food security through sustainable farming systems and sustainable markets. 


We have developed a multi-pronged programme focusing on promotion of:

  •  One-Village-One-Product (OVOP)
  • Re-forestation using pure plant oil trees, inter-cropped with perennial herbs and seasonal crops following marked-led development approach. 

To date we have mobilised  farmers from four villages in the south coast of KwaZuluNatal to participate in the massification  Lemongrass production

The core of our development model is anchored on reforestation with Pure Plant Oil (PPO) trees, that, in time will produce oil that will be used in renewable energy processes, thereby contributing to sustainable development goal number seven, of affording people easily accessible clean energy.

Through reforestation with pure plant oil trees, SKA provides service in the reduction of carbon footprints at village level which will address individual families and communities at large. The long-term expectation is to see communities benefiting from carbon credit programmes attained by engaging in carbon sequestration

Our volunteer community from out-of-school unemployed youth, undergo capacity development and they are utilised as trainers in our programmes while they also practice what they preach within their families.